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Our #freshnessfrozen campaign highlights that freezing suspends ingredients at the peak of perfection and keeps them there until the moment you're ready to enjoy them.

Over recent years, frozen food brands have been educating consumers about the benefits of frozen, so more and more consumers than ever are now switched on to the quality and freshness benefits of frozen food.

Freezing preserves food in its freshest state, locking in nutritional qualities, fresh flavours and natural textures.

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Dr. Oetker freezes its assets at the Ice Pizzeria

To demonstrate this, we created a pizzeria made out of ice, outside a London railway station - crafted from 34 huge blocks of ice, using 3,400 litres of water and weighing over four tonnes.

Each block contained the essential ingredients of classic pizzas suspended in its frozen walls - see how the pizzeria evolved in our video.

Hear what people had to say about Dr. Oetker Ristorante at our Ice Pizzeria in London.

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Stimulate your appetite with an aperitif, quench your thirst with a refreshing infusion or finish a feast with a light, fruity and fizzy cocktail.

Cocktail recipe guide


The simple addition of a scrumptious Italian-inspired dessert is the perfect finishing touch to complete your at-home pizzeria experience.

Dessert recipe guide

We've teamed up a selection of top wines to perfectly accompany our pizzas.

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pollo Arrabiata with The Garden Route Shiraz
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Try the fresh pizzeria taste.

We use only the finest quality ingredients to create generous, mouth-watering toppings on an irresistibly thin and crispy base.

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